Why Dynamic Massage Matters

By the end of 1989 the founder of Dynamic Massage Matters (DMM) completed training at the now Durban University of Technology (South Africa)

By nature of his formal profession as professional fitness expert Clifford was in the position to conduct hundreds of hours of sports massage therapy.

For many people at the time, massage was synonymous with the red-light zone but being massaged by a Professional Fitness Trainer, in a ‘gym environment’ brought credibility to his work.

Amongst his clients he worked with tennis players (Including SA ATP stars Amanda Coetzer and Wayne Ferreira), swimmers (he worked closely with Graham Hill, ex-coach for Olympic swimmer Chad le Clos), runners and many other athletes and non-athletes. He soon realised that much of the benefits of his sessions were as a result of regular waste product removal which was not within the domain of any specific formal therapy.

He invited physiotherapists; massage therapists and others to have regular sessions and most of those specialists became regular customers. Clifford was successful in doing sessions but always referring those with any discomfort to appropriate specialists thus avoiding any grey areas and potential conflict with therapists.

Over time Clifford experienced discomfort of the joints in his hands resulting in an extended break from massage. A change to a plant-based diet in April 2019 stopped the inflammation in his hands and allowed him to massage again.

The establishment of DDM allows clients access to his over 3 decades of experience.