Why Massage?

As in many processes in life, when a fuel is com-busted to create energy there is a release of waste products. Simply look at fuel driven vehicles and similar with varying types of exhaust systems which get rid of these waste products.

Stress, Repetitive Sport and sitting or standing in the same position can cause a deposit of excess waste in the lower back; neck; shoulder and in those areas that may be used for repetitive movement. These deposits combined with inefficient waste removal can result in sub-optimal performance. Think of tight leg; back and shoulder muscles.

Facing a boardroom; a new prospect; employee; another workout or competition that requires optimal performance can be a daunting task.

In the human body we create waste products whenever we metabolize nutrients to create energy, but removal is slow and inefficient. Many suggest that the waste products are a build-up of lactic acid but that is another debate. These waste products are removed from our bodies via the blood stream; sometimes via the kidneys and via the lymphatic system to mention a few.

Whilst the circulatory system is an effective system with circulation dependent on a muscle pump, the heart, the lymphatic system is less effective.

The Lymphatic System is also a system of vessels, situated parallel to the better-known arteries and veins of the circulatory system. The lymphatic system does not include a physical pump. It is reliant on muscle action which causes increased pressure in the lymph vessels. The vessels contain a system of one-way valves which circulate lymph containing waste products (by-products of metabolism).

During athletic performance much waste is created, and the lymph circulated but the lymphatic system sometimes cannot deal with the excess waste products especially after activity when lymph drainage slows down. The waste is then deposited in various areas causing muscle stiffness, lethargic muscles resulting in sub-optimal athletic performance.

In the same way waste is also concentrated in the shoulder, back and neck muscles of people who are stationary for extended periods of time as they are desk bound; drive a lot; must sit or stand in the same position and those who deal with stress.

Dynamic Massage focuses on regularly optimizing the removal of these waste products to optimize athletic and day-to-day muscle performance.

Claims from athletes and regular clients include muscle recovery as much as 300% faster than normal.

Imagine yourself experiencing any such.

Benefits may include:

  • Improved lymphatic drainage
  • Improved muscle recovery
  • Improved management of some of the physical effects of stress
  • Improved management of some of the emotional effects of stress