DMM Sessions

A DMM session for Sport or Stress Relief may include any combination of the following areas:


  • Back of legs – back of leg sessions can include all or a combination of the following areas:
    • Achilles Tendon
    • Base of the foot
    • Calfs (Solius and Gastrocnemius)
    • Hamstrings


  • Front of legs – The front of legs session can include all or a combination of the following areas:
    • Anterior Tibialis
    • Upper Thigh


  • Back, Neck & Shoulders – A back session can include all or a combination of the following areas:
    • Lumbar back
    • Upper back
    • Shoulders – Clients can opt for any combination of
      • Anterior (Front) Deltoid (Shoulder Muscle)
      • Medial (Mid) Deltoid
      • Posterior (Rear) Deltoid


Duration of sessions

The effectiveness of DMM sessions almost directly improves with finding the ideal session duration, although it will likely differ from person to person.

Initial sessions are shorter. The duration of follow-up sessions are 40 to 50 minutes.

Each person responds slightly differently to a DMM session and the duration may be increased or decreased before and after sporting events depending on what works for the client.


Media used

The aim of using media in DMM sessions is aimed at reducing friction between the hands of the therapist and the skin of the client.

Conventional cold pressed grapeseed oil, at room temperature, is considered the standard medium for DMM sessions. Clients who have personal preferences may bring their choice of oil.


Where are DMM sessions available from:

DMM sessions are conducted at Sports Clubs, Massage Rooms or at private homes. A private room or area is required to optimise dialogue between therapist and client.


Privacy Matters:

After the initial consultation is conducted the therapist will leave the room. The client will remove any pieces of clothing which may be soiled by massage oil during the session and position and cover himself or herself on the massage table, as advised by the therapist.

Importantly the client must cover up any areas of concern with an additional towel. The therapist will return and move the cover to expose only those areas which will be massaged.

Should the client or therapist be uncomfortable at any time or attend to another matter, he or she will ask to stop the session. The therapist will cover the client and leave the room to allow the client to get dressed.


What must I bring to the DMM session?

DMM provides towels to protect clients from pressure marks but clients are required to bring 2 large towels (Bath Sheets are best). The towels will be used to lay on and to cover the client.


How must I dress for the DMM session?

Although any clothing options will do, loose fitting clothing is best to optimise circulation.

The ideal outfits will include shorts and a t-shirt or swimming trunks / costume .



Rates vary from R200 to R450 per session. There may be an additional charge for Mobile Massage sessions.

Preferential rates may apply.


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